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Delta has been one of Israel’s leading brands
for over 20 years - and this year, it was selected
as one of Israel’s 10 leading brands! In Israel,
the company owns 40% of the men’s underwear
market; over 15% of the women’s underwear
market and 50% of the socks market.
Delta Israel currently features 130 stores.
DELTA BRAVO – a new bra line
launched July 2012
Over the past 18 months, Delta’s great team of designers in Israel and the US have
developed a new bra line collection - Delta Bravo.
The collection offers a range of shapes, fabrics and styles in affordable prices.
The categories include:
Soft Cotton
cotton bras which stay fresh and look
new for a long time, with Delta’s Real Lasting Cotton
Sexy Wishes
fashionable feminine bras of lace
fabrics, mesh and satin, offered in great colors. This
line includes an ‘extreme’ push up bra enlarging
cleavage by two sizes!
Full Support
maximum support bras, range up to
size E100/42.
An attractively-priced Microfiber collection - ‘
MAY 2012
The new series of men’s underwear features a young, dynamic and contemporary line.
The series includes the cotton group in basic colors - white, black and mélange grey. The
microfiber group comes in 6 fashion colors.
The series was launched with the slogan: MATCHTONIM Q - Put a New Beat in Your Life!
The collection was inspired by the musician Ninette Tayeb, Israel’s first winner of “a Star
is Born” (“American Idol”) and the new presenter of Delta as well as the beat world.
The letter Q represents the beginning of a song in a recording studio, along with a
combination of graphic elements of ‘beats’ on the packages. The line is the product of
cooperation between the men’s design team, headed by Ayelet Yaakov and the Delta
Israel design team.
For your enjoyment, we have
enclosed a centerfold.
Hike on the Israel
National Trail
Galit Bar-On
Delta Israel’s Marcom
Director: The new catalogue of
the children’s chain, a cooperative
effort with ISPNI - the Israel Society
for Protection of Nature, was
photographed at different sites
along the Israel National Trail. The
catalogue, designed as a hiking
guide - with maps and useful
information, provides our customers
with added value. It was distributed
to members of the “Laisha” club
magazine and the chain’s stores.
During the period of the spring
outings in April-May 2012, we
posted a recommended hike on
Facebook, and added fun interactive
activity - a photography contest,
with prizes.
Isaac Dabah
with the
musician and singer
the new face of
Delta Israel.
Under Cover