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Seamstress, Women’s’ Development Department
Tenure at the company: 16 years
Regina, a dedicated and diligent worker, is responsible for quality and
sewing, she excels in team work, provides excellent service to customers
and is always ready to lend a hand.
Assistant Textile Finishing Technologist,
Textile Development Department
Tenure at the company: 10.5 years
Ahsan has a lot of professional experience and has contributed a great
deal to development processes, frequently takes the initiative to improve
processes, assists with courtesy and a smile, is careful to be frugal with the
materials and helps to maintain low inventory, serves as the right hand
man for the department manager. During the past year, he assumed a
central role in management, performance and support for the systems
related to ordering textiles that require special processes, handled by the
department team, in order to keep the RLS technology in Israel.
Development coordinator, Seamless Development Department
Tenure at the company: 14 years
Yair is a team player who is loyal and dedicated and excels in extraordinary
service to the many interfaces with whom he works. He successfully
earned the trust of service providers and receivers, developed an organized
work plan unanimously agreed upon, and he succeeds in getting the best
out of the entire department. This year, he assumed the responsibility of
supporting and leading the subject of agent samples and the follow-up
and management methods related to the samples that he developed have
enabled full control and supervision of the process.
Responsible for the knitting inspectors, Knitting - Seamless Department
Tenure at the company: 13 years
Maya is responsible for the quality assurance in the knitting hall. She is
highly professional, and is loyal to the organization. Maya leads a project
to improve the quality at the division. She is caring, open to changes and
works cooperatively. She initiates innovative ideas in the product testing
processes and the testing processes she has recently developed have led
to an increase in quality and a saving in failure costs.
Quarterly Outstanding Employee:
Socks Development Technologist, Socks Development Department
Ahmed excels in his commitment to the organization, his professional quality
work, in providing outstanding service to internal and external customers
and in his willingness to contribute above and beyond what is expected.
He is a dedicated employee with unique creative thinking and a high level
performance. He initiates processes and promotes work processes and
development, assumes an extraordinary level of responsibility. He leads
projects in an exemplary fashion and the special products that he has recently
developed were selected by various customers and led to company revenue.
In addition to his ongoing work, Ahmed supports and mentors a new
employee in the department and has ensured his smooth induction.
And the Outstanding
Employees are….
Outstanding Department
Employees for the 1st Quarter
of 2012
Creating a new work process that fosters organizational growth
Creating a change in a work process that fosters organizational growth
Providing extraordinary service to a customer
Increasing revenues from customers
Building group solidarity and support
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