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We are pleased to present you with the 10th
issue of UnderCover, Delta’s global employee
newspaper. This issue, in which we announce
the addition of the Schiesser Group - the newest
addition to the Delta Family, is especially exciting
and auspicious for us as it symbolizes the
continues growth of the Company.
In this edition, you can learn more about
the Schiesser Group, the challenges and
opportunities presented with their joining
Delta; learn more about the work of our finance
department; and receive an update as to Delta
Israel’s business activities, the global process of
assimilating the ethical code, the company event
held last February, activities for the benefit of
community and the environment at our global
sites, and, for the first time - our excellence
project that was launched in Carmiel, and which
we hope will be expanded to include other sites
as well.
We are delighted with the increase in the
number of our readers and are pleased to hear
that many of you bring the newspaper home.
For the benefit of your family members, we
have also added a children’s page on the back
page of the issue, which focuses on Delta’s new
partnership with Schiesser.
The production of the 10th issue of the
newspaper is also an opportunity for us to
reexamine the newspaper’s design and content.
We invite you to send in your feedback and ideas
to me or to any of the members of the editorial
We hope you enjoy this issue!
Hila Ephrati-Halper
Communications Director
And Staff Members:
Motti Fireman
VP - Human Resources
Yossi Saar
VP Operations, Socks and Seamless
Rosalind Malka
Import & Export Division
Message from the CEO
From the Delta Newspaper Staff
Dear Associates,
We are very happy to welcome the Schiesser
family to the Delta family.
Schiesser, as most of you know, is a 137 year old leading brand in Germany
the largest economy in Europe). In our acquisition of Schiesser, all of our criteria were
met – they are branded, vertically integrated and have a #1 market share position. The
Schiesser management team has done a great job in stabilizing and growing over the
last few years, and we look forward to Schiesser being one of our growth engines over
the next five years.
At Delta, we are celebrating our 12th consecutive quarter of growth –you all have certainly done a
terrific job . Our success is largely based on our team – our perseverance and drive is what makes us
so special and what always gets us to the next level.
By continuing our innovation and ideation and cultivating our existing customers while focusing on
bringing in new business, we will continue our growth . We certainly need to improve our processes
and systems with an eye toward exceling in customer service and becoming more efficient in the
way we manage our business.
On June 17th we entered the Tel Aviv 100 and the global Russell Index – a very important feat, as we
have not had that distinction for many years. Let’s together get to the top 50 Tel Aviv companies
over the next 12-24 months!
Thank you all for keeping growing our top and bottom lines,
Isaac Dabah
In this Issue:
Delta and Schiesser
AWinning Combination
Focus on: Finances at Delta
Interview with
Yossi Hajaj
Delta’s CFO
Delta Israel’s Growth Wave
Excellence Makes the Difference
New Excellence Program
Delta Gives Back
in Israel and around the world
Company Event
Saying Thank you to Employees
Assimilating the Ethical Code
Children’s Page
On the back
of the issue
Writing and editing: Shosha Cohen, Simple=Smart
Design and Production: Stern Visual Communications Ltd.
Under Cover