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The outstanding employees for the first quarter
From right to left: Ahsan Kablan, ahmad Snalla, Ahmad Menah, Mohammed Omer, Yair Roll, Regina Tubman,
Regina Tubman, Nelly Meir, and Maya Dorman. The outstanding employees were invited to a special lunch with Shlomo Doron, Deputy CEO Delta, Motti Fireman,
HR Director and Tzila Amnoni, Head of the workers union.
NIKE Technologist, Socks Development Department
Tenure at the company: 15 years
Mohammed is an outstanding professional who provides extraordinary
service to internal and external customers. He is prepared to help and
contribute to the team work and the organization at all times, including
during visits with customers. He leads projects to the satisfaction of
everyone concerned in the project; he develops special products with
full cooperation with NIKE developers, while developing excellent work
relations and overcoming many difficulties, and he contributes to the
company’s revenues. Additionally, he supports and mentors a new
employee who was recently hired in the department.
Chief mechanic and knitting technologist - Knitting -Socks Department
Tenure at the company: 12 years
Ahmed is a professional excellent and experienced knitting technologist,
who knows how to share, include and train others using the knowledge
he has acquired. He has successfully handled the arrival of the new special
machines with new computerized software in the knitting hall, and the
changes and upgrades he has introduced have increased the usability
and reduced the degree of amortization in knitting, and brought about a
savings in spare parts. These ideas were transferred to the Bulgarian plant
for implementation there.
Development technologist on the NIKE team, Socks Marketing Team
Tenure at the company: 12 years
Neli is dedicated, responsible and committed. She is a self-study and
is prepared to deal with any challenge. She is a leader in the field of
development working with the customer, production development and
sites, and she combines both assertiveness and pleasant demeanor. She
is customer-oriented and knows how to gain the customer’s trust, and
has played a part in making us a leading partner with NIKE. In addition,
in recent months, she is overlapping two colleagues in the field of
development , professionally and with an open mind.
Development Coordinator, GDM
Tenure at the company: 12 years
Neomi is a dedicated quality worker, for whom excellence is a way of life.
She has developed her role as supporter in the company’s innovation
process. She provides support for the design team and is responsible for all
stages of development, from the stage of selling the idea to the customer
to bringing it to production, while working with many interfaces. Her
contribution this year may be seen in a breakthrough in the innovation
assimilation process among the mass market customers in the U.S., in
the innovation implemented at JC Penney and in the creation of the KN
underwear brand line purchased by Delta.